wakestyle kitesurf fins 30 mm package shot
wakestyle kitesurf fins 30 mm set
single wake style kitesurf fin 30 mm close up
black kiteboard fins 30 mm package shot


Wakestyle fins
Designed for wakestyle performance
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Fins can make a big difference in your kiteboard setup. You can choose the fins based on your kitesurf riding preferences.

  • 45MM Fins - Perfect grip for your perfect ride. More grip for upwind performance and less need for hard edging. Make sure you mount your board with the 45mm when going for the BIG AIR MEGALOOPS!
  • 30MM Fins - Great for doing (wakestyle) tricks. The board will slide more across the water gives you more room to recover from bad landings and land more tricks. However, you will have less grip during riding when you are not edging. Are you ready to push your limits but you don’t want to learn it the hard way? A smaller fin size is your biggest friend when you need to work on your landing moments.