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Company Boards

Create your own custom company board

Upload your logo's and let our artists create your company's board. 

  • Version 1: Full color logo on any color background
  • Version 2: Cut-out logo on any color background
  • Version 3: Clean logo on our iconic wood
  • Supreme: Customise your company's logo design based on your briefing by one of our designers. 

Once you have ordered, fill in this form to upload your logo's and inform our designers!

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Custom design package
Kiteboard type
Select your footpads
  • Lieuwe Pro Pads / Universal +€174,95
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  • Lieuwe Pro Pads / Junior +€174,95
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 Our Custom Boards are crafted especially for you with love and come with:

✔  Free Shipping in the EU
✔  Optional Hassle-Free Worldwide Shipping (Delivery Duty Paid)
✔  Priority Craft (Shipping in a few days) available

Check our FAQ for more info and our actual lead time.

Not sure yet? No problem! You can share your ideas first, without any costs involved. Use the 'Pay later' option or submit your ideas first to get started. We'll help you create a clear briefing and select an artist for your dream art before incurring any costs.

  • After mutual approval of the final briefing, selected artist and associated Custom Design Package, we'll go into the design phase.
  • With entering the design phase, you agree that the agreed Custom Design Package will be charged. 
  • The Design and Board itself need to be payed before production. Order the design package and standard board of choice through our website.
  • Prices of our 'standard' boards are applicable for Custom Designs and can be found under the 'Kiteboards' menu (eg. do not select boards with an existing design).
  • Each 'Custom Design package' consists of design activities by our artist as described and come with one correction round, except for 'King', this has two.
  • Changing the briefing when in the design phase may result in additional hours charged. Our custom manager will indicate when the briefing is changed and will ask for your approval ahead of incurring these costs.
  • We do not accept return claims on our 'Custom Design packages'.

This is it, but feel free to check our Terms and Conditions. More importantly, be sure our experienced team will guide you at every step of the way to design and craft your dream kiteboard.


What's Your STORY

Each board has a story. Getting a custom board is like getting a tattoo. It's that special thing that we want to keep close and carry with us everywhere we go. Tell us yours and we’ll be super proud to craft a unique masterpiece for you.



Have a dream, but can’t bring it to life? Our Lieuwe Featured Artists can for sure! They have created many beautiful custom artworks already and know exactly what works and what doesn't in our production process. Our resident artists are available in our 'King Package'. KlipDesign is an expert in creating illustrations (like our Friday Specials) or abstract color art like our limited editions. JennyAriane is master in collage art like our 'True Nature' board. Swakiko get's you these unique surf designs. Our other Artists are available with prices on request, such as tattoo master 'Ink Meesters' or Karel Kammeijer, who is an artist for a living and creates beautiful illustrations with amazingly detailed compositions like our 'Unite' board.


How Does it work

First, we'd like to know you and your story a little better. We'll ask you for your ideas and when you have specific ideas or moodboards for your custom kiteboard you can upload them. After your heavy lifting, we select a resident artist which matches your brief. For the king package a concept board will be made and directions will be discussed. When everything is totally clear, our artist will do some magic and the next step will be seeing your dream kiteboard artwork come to life!


Design your own

You can also design your own custom kiteboard. We'll help you with advice on which colors stand out the best against our timeless wooden background and how to prepare your art files. Just need your logo on the board? Our resident artist will help you place it nicely and will adjust the overall graphics so it all goes nicely together. Select the 'Boogie Pack' to get started with your own art or logo.