Kiteboard Quick Guide

Kiteboard Quick Guide

From beginner to pro, we’ve got you covered.

This article is part of a series to help you choose the right kiteboard. This article contains a quick guide on which type kiteboard and popular comparisons. Also check our size guide, where most questions related to which size kiteboard are answered. All other aspects of choosing the right kiteboard and its accessories are covered in the complete kiteboard buyers guide.

Whatever your level, style or taste, when going out to face the elements your board should be the right board for you. Building on years of imagination, curiosity and engineering insight we master-crafted a range of premium kiteboards that boost your performance and can be completely customised to match your style and character. This is why we offer a variety of board styles that help you progress at any level.

Which type Lieuwe kiteboard should I get?

Usually, fresh beginners choose our Awesome (yep it is!), Intermediate to advanced freeriders say ‘Shotgun’ and Wakestylers ‘Say No More’. Going next level, advanced riders go big with our super fast Oceana, Pro’s choose the extremely stiff, direct Carbonara to give them that extra boost on flat water or clean ocean waves. See also the most common Lieuwe kiteboard comparisons below. 


Common Lieuwe kiteboard comparisons

Choosing the right kiteboard can be…well…challenging. Here are some common comparisons to help you decide.


Shotgun vs Oceana

The Shotgun is our legendary jack of all trades. The Oceana is designed to go fast and boost big, especially in waves. The Shotgun has more comfort to offer due to its ability to handle chop in all conditions. The Oceana feels at home in strong wind conditions. Using the ocean’s kickers to send it, it keeps edge and feels like it has an auto-pilot for smooth landings. 

Shotgun vs Shotgun Carbonara

The Shotgun Carbonara is the ultimate choice for advanced and pro riders. Thanks to its stiffness it’s perfect when in need for extreme pop to send it on flat water. Compared to the Shotgun, the Carbonara is more direct and faster, to meet the need for speed and massive pop to go big at the King of the Air. What you put in is what you get out.

The added carbon in the Carbonara also helps to keep the rocker in shape when more pressure is applied. That’s why bigger (read heavier) kiters often choose the Carbonara version when they prefer to ride a Shotgun board slightly shorter than the advised length based on their weight.

On the other hand, more comfort is offered by the Shotgun which is our recommendation for less experienced kiters and people with high risk of injuries.

Shotgun Carbonara vs Oceana (with and without boots)

In this comparison, the spot conditions come into play. Are you in the need for speed and to go big on the ocean’s kickers: choose the Oceana. If you prefer flat water spots, the extreme pop of the Shotgun Carbonara will help you to go big. 

However, the Shotgun Carbonara is very stiff so what you put in is what you get out. This often suits more advanced riders better. The Oceana is more forgiving in extreme conditions, it will let you keep your edge to send it high and feels like it has an auto-pilot for smooth landings. If you are riding with boots, the Oceana is your weapon of choice. Due to the setup of the 4 channels, with 2 channels placed on the full length of the board, the Oceana will offer much more grip in extreme conditions and it will set your direction swiftly when landing. Whereas, the Carbonara will give you more playfulness and carving ability. 

Shotgun vs. Awesome

The Shotgun is the perfect free-ride and big air board board. It is a good fit for beginners going to intermediates and even for the pro's. The Awesome on the other hand is the perfect board for beginners, and intermediates that like a comfortable ride. The Awesome's shape is build for swift waterstarts, it helps you to go upwind very easily, and rides very stable and comfortable. The Shotgun is simply a more advanced board with more features to bring you to the next level. If you are for instance already controlling your waterstarts, are able to ride upwind, and doing your first jumps and tricks already, then you can consider the transfer to a shotgun to get some more pop, grip and speed. 

Oceana vs Oceana Teijin

The Oceana is an extreme performance big air and freestyle kiteboard. It is a reliable board in the most extreme conditions, and will continue to be controlled no matter the weather. 

A custom Teijin Twaron®️ Aramide upgrade is available for the real connoisseurs to not only increase its stiffness and pop even further, but it will also improve the board by increasing dampening properties. It is created for more comfort for riders (and their knees..). The fibres make the board shock resistant and shock absorbing.

If you experience a large impact on your board, the board will be absorbing part of the shock, but the other part will hit into your knees and body. If you would add the Teijin fibre to the board, the shock of the landing will be absorbed by the board and its fibres, and the impact on your body will be reduced. Find more Information about the effect of Teijin fibres here


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