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This page shows all of the unique kiteboard designs created by the Lieuwe team. Take a look at all of the kiteboard designs we have to offer. From kiteboards for women to rough designs, we've got you covered. 

With a LIEUWE® custom kiteboard, you have a strong, ultra-light, eco-friendly, timeless classic that will be your companion for life. Match your style with one of our 50+ new designs. Our Limited Edition series is based on natural patterns and vivid gradients. The most vibrant of gradients that blend perfectly with our iconic wooden looks are found in our Gradient Series. If you prefer a clean look, check out our Single Color series. If you like boards with a story, check out our Custom Stories collection, or our latest film to see them in action. Missed out on one of our Friday Specials, check out these custom artworks here. 

Defined by our iconic wooden looks, awarded performance and Eco-Gold-Standard certification LIEUWE® custom kiteboards are fully customizable to match your style. Add your own name, or kiteboard team name, add a design made by yourself or one of our Featured Artists, choose your rail color, and more. Check our custom kiteboard design options here. Did you know that all designs in our store can be applied to any LIEUWE® kiteboard type of choice? Not sure which size kiteboard you should get? Check our kiteboarding FAQ. Most of our kiteboards are made to order, with love. Check our actual lead time here.