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Oceana X BAKL - Lightning
Oceana X BAKL - Lightning
Oceana X BAKL - Lightning

Oceana x BAKL

Crafted for extreme performance with perfect control in the most extreme conditions. Designed together with the BAKL.
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Created to combine competition performance with great comfort, this medium to hard-flex board is praised for it’s amazing levels of control whilst performing the most complicated and extreme airs imaginable.


Competition level auto-pilot

The Oceana feels at home in strong wind conditions. It’s medium to hard-flex Ultra light wood-core let's you keep your edge and gives you the explosive pop to send it, whilst its 3d shape is designed to create a forgiving landing experience, guiding the board automatically in the right direction, almost as if you are landing on auto-pilot.


go big.

A precision-engineered concave breaks the water at the landing to absorb the impact, while smaller side channels provide additional grip at take-off. To get a stronger, stiffer but still lightweight feel, the wood core is slightly thicker and specific fibres are placed in the longitudinal direction, increasing the overall performance. A custom Teijin Twaron®️ Aramide upgrade is available for the real connoisseurs to increase its stiffness and pop even further.


big air & freestyle beast for the extreme one's