Big Air Kite League X LIEUWE - The Eagle

Big Air Twintip Kiteboard designed for The Big Air Kite league

The Big Air Kite League and LIEUWE are launching yet another custom design in honour of the Official Talent Supplier partnership. This Custom kiteboard Limited Edition design is called 'Oceana x BAKL - The Eagle' and is designed for those Big Air heroes that regularly enjoy the seas from the same birds eye view. Because only the true Big Air rider know's that Flying High makes you Live Free.

Each sale helps support the Big Air Kite League competition, who are aiming to provide free accommodation and more for the riders. The board's artwork is inspired by that feeling of freedom and different perspective you get from flying high. It is designed by our Featured LIEUWE Artist Klip Design. The OCEANA platform is developed with Pro riders for Big Air competition performance and now it's exclusively available with this BAKL custom design on and

A unique and exclusive deal is offered on all BAKL x LIEUWE boards until 24-10, check them here.


Lords of Tram 2021

From October 9-17 the wind window for the Big Air Kite League at Lords of Tram, Gruissan, France 2021 will open. Livestreams will be available for those watching from home, stay tuned for updates. 

For more information, check out


Official Talent Partner of the BAKL 

For years Lieuwe have been pushing Big Air talent Worldwide to new heights with our Big Air custom kiteboards like the Oceana and the Shotgun Carbonara. We are extremely proud that we're taking it to the next level by being the Official Talent Supplier of the BAKL.

With this partnership, we wish to inspire a new generation of talents to boost their performance. Together with the BAKL, we’ll offer competition experience, our big air know-how and the latest developments in custom board production technologies. We've always helped talents to boost their levels, it's no secret that many of today's Pro riders have been riding Lieuwe before being recognised by big sponsors. As the Official Talent Supplier of the BAKL, we can now push even harder and enable new generations to reach for the top.


Win a Lieuwe OCEANA x BAKL

In the winning mood already? Guess the podium of Lords of Tram and enter your top 3 at

Custom Designs for BAKL

Oceana x BAKL - The Eagle

Big Air kiteboard Front and Back


Oceana X BAKL - Lightning




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