Big Airs were never this comfortable.

Big Airs were never this comfortable.

LIEUWE® x Teijin
Big Airs were never this comfortable.

If you are looking for more extreme airs without sacrificing your knees, look no further. Upgrade our Legendary Shotgun or extreme Oceana kiteboards with a custom Teijin Twaron® Aramide fibre and experience that unbeatable LIEUWE® feeling like never before.

Designed to increase comfort for our riders (and their knees..), this kevlar  upgrade makes our kiteboards more shock resistant and shock absorbing whilst also increasing their stiffness, pop and dampening properties. The carbon upgrade is available on all our kiteboard models.

Twaron aramide is a next gen. carbon fibre designed by Teijin.
You can compare the effect of Teijin fibres on a kiteboard to the strings of a tennis racket. If you hit the ball, the strings will be absorbing part of the shock, but the other part will hit into your arm. If you add the Teijin fibre to the string, the shock of the ball will be absorbed by the strings, and less impacted on your arm. And that’s exactly what happens when you have a large impact on your board; the board will be absorbing part of the shock, but the other part will hit into your knees and body. If you add the Teijin fibre to the board, the shock of the landing will be absorbed by the board and its fibres, and the impact on your body will be reduced.

Shotgun Teijin and Oceana Teijin side to side

All of the Lieuwe Boards are upgradeable by adding the Teijin Twaron fibres. The Shotgun Teijin and the Oceana Teijin can be ordered online. Would you like to experience the effects in real life? Find your local dealer, or contact us to find out how you can test one!

What's your story?
Your story, vision or holy grail visualised on your kiteboard? Have one of the Lieuwe Featured Artists design your board, or design it yourself! Now is the time! Chat with us, plan a free custom consult, or send us your ideas first. Our featured artists can turn any idea into a dream design.

Roderick pijls showing of his Lieuwe shotgun with Teijin fibres while jumping over the camera

About the LIEUWE x TEIJIN collab

A lieuwe employee attaching the Teijin fibres to a Oceana board.
Always in search of perfecting performance, team rider Roderick Pijls, Jeroen Boks - product manager at Teijin and our shapers teamed up to apply next gen. fibres as custom options to the LIEUWE range of custom kiteboards. Parts of the production process had to be completely redesigned to integrate this high tech fibre with handmade precision. With both the fibres and the boards crafted in Holland, lines are short and more innovations are expected soon. 

Check out the full story here:


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