Teijin Twaron®️ Aramide upgrade

A custom Teijin Twaron®️ Aramide upgrade will increase its stiffness and pop even further, but it will also improve the board by increasing dampening properties. It is created for more comfort for riders (and their knees..). The fibres make a board shock resistant and shock absorbing.

If you experience a large impact on your board, the board will be absorbing part of the shock, but the other part will hit into your knees and body. If you would add the Teijin fibre to the board, the shock of the landing will be absorbed by the board and its fibres, and the impact on your body will be reduced.

All of the Lieuwe Boards are upgradeable by adding the Teijin Twaron®️ fibres. Looking for a different design with Teijin, or a carbonara? Fill in the contact form, and we will make sure it will be added.