Lieuwe custom boards collaborates with She Flies

Lieuwe custom boards collaborates with She Flies

She Flies X LIEUWE  (No longer active)

That women are taking an increasingly bigger part in the kitesurfing community is definitely a fact! And it can proudly be said that the She Flies community has a strong influence on what’s happening. 

You might already know about the female community, but if you haven't, here is their mission in short! 

The She Flies' mission is to make women the default in extreme sports. They know what they need to succeed. They celebrate the uniqueness of awesome females; no matter your level or sport. They encourage feminine style and celebrate the women at the top.

Not only are we super proud of the amazing and powerful women, but we also want them to continue to strive. And that makes it time for us to announce our new collaboration! Together with our designer; Dennis Klip, Romain, and Josie West, we have created a unique masterpiece that shouts BUT WHAT IF YOU FLY? It took a while to turn this dream into a piece of art, but at the end, it can be concluded that it makes a statement! You wanted it bold, well here it is…

she flies X lieuwe - mission and boards

So, how did Lieuwe X She Flies become a match? No long business chats and negotiations were necessary, it was that unique connection that is called “feeling”. 

As Josie states: “Whilst the quality of equipment increased exponentially, the battle remains for women. Many brands continue to Shrink It & Pink It in a bid to appease the female market. 

What matters to me is how it feels. And I want it to feel right.  If you are connected to your kit because it feels right, that's ok. As Women, we learn and adapt based on how things feel when we know what feels right. Not understanding why it feels right? That's ok too.”

picture of all board created with she flies

read more in Josie’s “shrink it  & pink it” dilemma here

Not only the feeling of the product matters. In this collaboration, the journey toward the end result has been a great experience as well. Big thanks to Josie and her team for putting their trust in us. 

We want to make sure to enable the gait of a woman, sees the size of their feet, and recognise their squat stance in all different angels. The flexibility and comfort the board provides, together with its ability to easily reach your potentials makes it the perfect fit for female riders. 

Want to find out more on how Josie experiences the feel of the shotgun as well as the carbonara? check it our in her well-explained post here! 

Are you interested in getting your hands on a SHE FLIES X LIEUWE Shotgun or Carbonara? Then follow this page!

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