Fuerteventura spot guide

Fuerteventura spot guide

Are you looking for the perfect kitesurfing get-away for this summer? Then Fuerteventura is definitely an option you should consider. This island is a unique mix of volcano’s, palm trees, extended sand dunes, kite paradises, and good vibrations. Together with Kite-active, and Roderick pijls, this paradise talk is created to tell you all about it. And if you are persuaded by this blog, then you are warmly invited to the kite-active trip to Fuerteventura in September, in which you'll get an overdose of kitesurfing, sun, good company, and Lieuwe Boards.  You can find more information about this underneath.

About the Island!
Fuerteventura is just a 3 to 4 hours flight from Amsterdam (if you get a direct flight) and it brings you straight into a warm climate. There are several ‘main’ locations where you can stay; you’ve got Sotavento in the south (which isn’t my favourite to be honest hahah), and Corralejo and Cotillo in the Northern part of the island.  

Corralejo is the main city of the island; there are many restaurants, tourists, bars and shops. I wouldn’t call it a city, neither a village, it’s something in between. But in the evenings, there’s a lot of buzzing going on and there is actually a good vibe in that city/ village.

This image shows a visual map of Fuerteventura on which you see the main kitespots marked

Flag Beach

Corralejo is situated next to the main kitesurfing spot; Flag Beach, which is a really big, wide and open beach located in the beautiful dunes of Fuerteventura. This is where most of the kiters are most frequently, as this spot has the best forecast most of the time. This spot works best with Northern wind. The waves here are pretty doable and mostly flat. It’s a pretty easy going in and out and has a beautiful environment with Isla de Lobos in the background. And if you’re a daredevil, you could even cross the ocean to take a look at the island. This is a perfect free ride and freestyle spot, for which the Shotgun would be a perfect buddy!

This image shows a beach on Fuerteventura called flag beach, where many kitesurfers are on the water.

El Burro

Just a couple of km’s down we’ve got the beach called el Burro, also called Glass beach. This is a dedicated wave spot, with cross-offshore winds and, when there’s some swell, good waves rolling in. The best spot conditions here is when the wind direction is north to north/west. The waves break over a small reef formation, which makes the waves consistent and ‘easy’ to read. Though, I wouldn’t advice you to kite here if you are not 100% in control and confident with your riding and gear, as there’s almost no security and/or safety. The Oceana would be your guy on this spot, as it will give you the control you need in the more extreme conditions. 

 This picture shows a drone shot of a kitesurf spot on Fuerteventura called el Burro 

El Cotillo

If we travel a bit more up North we’ve got the village El Cotillo directly on the beach. This village has something special as it’s small, a bit isolated, and almost directly at the beach with some impressive cliffs next to it. 

The beach next to this village is ride-able for wave-riding, but you would definitely need the right wind direction and most of the days you’ll find some heavy and intense beach breaks. You’ll definitely find less crowds on this beach and in the water, but timing is everything if you want to pass this break and have a nice and safe session. 

Cotillo and Corralejo are connected with each other via 2 routes. You can take the ‘normal’ route via a car road, or you can drive via the North Shore, which is something you definitely need to have done if you visit this island. The North Shore is, just as it says the North Shore of the island, with a gravel road that brings you all around the Northern part of the island and eventually connects to the cities. Along the North Shore you’ll find dozens of high-class surf breaks and loads of surfers parked their car along the road to get a wet wetsuit.  

Most of those breaks can be pretty heavy, so unless you’re an experienced surfer I wouldn’t suggest you to get in. If you want to get your first rides on a surf board then I would suggest you to continue your drive over the North Shore towards Majanico and get in there. Most of the days you will find many surf schools there that will teach and therefor also be able to keep an eye on you.  

This is a beautiful sundown view of a beach spot called el cottilo, Fuerteventura. You can see the sun, ocean, cliffs, and the orange beach sand.

Sotavento Lagoon

Down to the South is where you can find the beautiful lagoon of Sotavento. This is a beautiful bright blue watered lagoon right next to the dunes. The spot works best if the wind comes from the North. The wind pops up mostly in the afternoon as a thermal wind, that’s why this spot is perfect in the summertime. If you are staying in Correlejo, it would be a 1,5 hour drive to get there, so make sure you check the wind conditions beforehand. As this is a flat water spot, our absolute recommended boards here would be either the Carbonara to boost your highest jump, or to wakestyle this spot away with a Say no more

Shown here is the beach of Sotavento in Fuerteventura from a wide angle shot taken from higher up. The water is bright blue, and filled with kitesurfers.

Wind and weather

The wind is normally pretty consistent with a dominant Northerly direction, which makes Flag Beach the perfect go-to spot for your free-riding and big air discipline. Though it can something swing a bit more East or West, which can make the spot look completely different. The Best month to go is definitely July, but most of the time the wind forecast is around 20 to 30 knots. 

When I was there in February I was mostly wearing a 3/2mm wetsuit and off the water short pants and T-shirts. During night time I could put on a jumper or wear a jacket, but definitely not uncomfortable. 

This makes it an ideal location for winter time, which isn’t a long flight or an expensive location to go to.


In Corralejo there are many (many) different places to go to or lunch, dinner or to have a drink. We got pretty blown away from the food quality, and location, of the restaurant ‘Uga Uga’. This situated directly at the harbour, which gives you a beautiful overview of the boats and ferries coming in, but you can also see Flag Beach in the far distance. 

If you park your car near the harbour in Corralejo and from there just walks into town, you’ll find dozens of amazing little authentic restaurants to enjoy a proper lunch or dinner. 

If you’d like something less touristic and more local, then Roja Tomato in Lajares is your place to be. They serve the best pizza’s on that island in a local and authentic restaurant. Across Roja Tomato, on the other side of the square (I cannot come up with the name), is another little place to have a great breakfast or coffee. 

Sometimes it happens that there’s no wind for 2 or 3 days and you’ve already had too many surf days and too much coffee.. Well, then there’re loads of volcanos that you can hike up and enjoy that beautiful view across the entire North and East Shore. Or take a ferry to Lobos to walk up that volcano and see Fuerteventura from the other side.


Let's go on a Kite Adventure!

Are you looking for an awesome trip to Fuerteventura? Our partner and friend KiteActive organizes awesome kitesurf holidays worldwide and in September they travel to Fuerteventura! If you are looking for an enthusiastic & service-minded group of kiters who organise top-notch kitesurf experiences, check out KiteActive.com. The trip will be organised from the 24th of September until the first of October '22, and will include a group of 10 till 25 kiters. You'll be staying in a beautiful villa in the surf village 'Lajares'. During all of the trips, there will be Lieuwe test boards available. Not sure if would like the Shotgun or the Oceana? Test it with us in Fuerteventura!

Read more info about this trip to Fuerteventura or check out more KiteActive destinations


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