Design your dream kiteboard at LIEUWE® Custom Boards

Design your dream kiteboard at LIEUWE® Custom Boards


Your story, vision or holy grail visualised on your kiteboard? Check the video to meet our Custom Artists and see how they turn your idea into the kiteboard of your dreams.

Tell us your story or dream kiteboard and we’ll craft a unique masterpiece for you. Our Custom Artists created many beautiful custom artworks already and know exactly what works and what doesn't in our production process. Have design skills yourself? Great! Our shapers will happily advise you on how to prepare your artwork to get the best result. Just want to add your name or company logo to a board? We love all things custom, so bring them on!

We are LIEUWE®

We don’t just make boards. We craft stories. 🔥

Find more information about how it works here!

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