Custom Stories - 'Space is the limit'

Custom Stories - 'Space is the limit'

A custom story, by Jakov. 

The design was a gift from his wife Ana for Christmas, with one small condition: to mention her and their son. Jakov's idea was to surprise them with an incredible meaningful board. Mission accomplished!

The idea of astronauts and space came because it combines everything together. Jakov himself is in love with jumping big and trying to improve his riding every session, which is only possible if we think big: “space is the limit”. The astronaut family which is hanging on planets on the back of the board represents the adventures that Jakov and his family go on, and oh they love to go on adventures! The board is an analogy for much more of those together. 

we craft stories, with an explanation of the Jakov's story.


The backstory

The 3 astronauts on the back of the board represent Jakov, his wife Ana, and his little son.

For some kitesurfing is all about friends. For some, it is all about family. For some, their family are their friends or their friends are their family. It’s all a matter of perspective.  

Because what’s more important than those around you who unconditionally love you. Your family. Those who will always be there for you and have been taking care of you, maybe even since the moment you set foot on this planet. Those who support you no matter the decision. Those with whom you are building a life. Those with whom you conquer your adventures

This board represents those around you that are most important to you. Those who are the gravity that pull you back down when you are flying. The universe's eternity from within. 

The board's front and back displayed

So, what’s yours?

Getting a custom kiteboard is like getting a tattoo. It's that special thing that we want to keep close and carry with us everywhere we go. Tell us your story and we’ll be super proud to craft a unique masterpiece for you.

Do you have ideas to design your own custom kiteboard or maybe want to have it designed by our Featured Artists, see what's possible on our Custom Kiteboard Options page, chat with our shapers, send a Whatsapp or plan a 30-minute Custom Consult to see how we can craft your dream kiteboard. 

Jakov: “I gave the inputs, Dennis and your team did a great job and now you have one happy family.”

So what's yours? with space background

Friday special Ideas?

Every month, our Featured Artists will let all their creativity run free to design a new unique Friday Special based on new stories. Do you have a story or idea for a Custom Kiteboard for our Friday Special series? Leave them in the comments below!

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