Custom Stories - 'The Kamikaze Dragon'

Custom Stories - 'The Kamikaze Dragon'

A Custom Story, by Bruno.

Started kitesurfing when he was 10 years old, he never lost his fascination for the water or the Japanese culture. Meet Bruno and his dad Jacek who asked us to craft this custom beauty for his 15th birthday. Bruno has been obsessed with Japan, he has been learning the language and the kanji alphabet for 2 years now, loves the Japanese tea preparation, serving traditions and Anime. He now has his eyes on studying in Japan after high school. But when the divine wind (the actual meaning of ‘Kamikaze’) starts to blow, Bruno takes a break and finds peace and calm with kiting. We’re super proud he can now take a taste of Japan to wild waters with his full custom design. Way to go Bruno!


The Backstory

The Japan-inspired design is composed of multiple aspects. Even though the “rising sun” symbol tends to be associated with Japanese militarism, for this peace lover this is not the case. It is graphically referring to Japan and its pop culture. 

The Japanese Kanji characters are saying “Kamikaze”, which means “divine wind” in Japanese. After all, for a kiter wind is a divine element.

Fun fact: did you know that Chinese dragons are pictured as benevolent and friendly, whereas the Japanese dragon is fearsome, threatening and furious.


Custom kiteboard with Japanese Dragon design

So, what’s yours? 

Getting a custom kiteboard is like getting a tattoo. It's that special thing that we want to keep close and carry with us everywhere we go. Tell us your story and we’ll be super proud to craft a unique masterpiece for you.

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Friday Special ideas?

Every Month, our Featured Artists will let all their creativity run free to design a new unique Friday Special based on new stories. Do you have a story or idea for a Custom Kiteboard for our Friday Special series? Leave them in the comments below!

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