Roderick Pijls Iceland Story made it to the finals of the Red Bull Illume Competition

Roderick Pijls Iceland Story made it to the finals of the Red Bull Illume Competition

From 43.000 photo entries, to the last 5. 

A Custom Story by Roderick Pijls.


At the beginning of it all, the start of this Last Line production company, there was photographer Rein Rijke and kitesurfer Roderick Pijls that made it their mission to photograph kitesurf action in some of the most pristine landscapes on the planet. Reaching those locations and getting that perfect photo leads to adventures revealing their friendship, professionalism, and personality. Their path towards almost impossible pictures and goals inevitably leads to dealing with whatever nature throws at them, showing perseverance and the exploring nature of human beings. Together with the vulnerability of nature, these characteristics are at the base of The Last Line project and the goal to energize people that follow their adventures.

With the cameras rolling non-stop, these stories are now well documented and tell a personal and motivating story behind Rein’s pictures and emphasize the message of our vulnerable planet and that it might actually be ‘the last line’. With the right mindset, the team is set to reach their goal and show people that perseverance always prevails, no matter how big the challenge.

We set our eyes on Iceland as this country has so much potential and is such a pristine landscape with many different faces to show. Glaciers are under real big pressure from climate change. We decided to make a shot that at first gives you that question-mark; ‘what am I looking at?’ 


We found our location and Rein already explained his idea on how to make this perfect shot. I, Roderick Pijls, started discovering and exploring the location. Getting a glimpse on the wind conditions, how it develops and the dominant wind direction. 

I figured out that the wind is going to be really light, but the lucky thing is that the wind is super dense due to the low temperatures, which creates a lot of energy in it. I rigged up my light wind kite, prepared my Lieuwe Oceana 138, to make sure I will be able to start plaining early.


I got used to the wind, felt the wind holes and after getting the cue from Rein I went for the first line. After getting surprised by some gusts and unexpected iceberg movements I managed to get safely to the other side. He gave me the sign to do it over, and again, and again.. 


After working for several years together with Rein I start to feel when he is about to get that perfect shot. After my 6th ride he started screaming with his hands high up in the air and I couldn’t wait to see that shot. 

Finalist picture of the Red Bull Illume competition, Teamrider Roderick Pijls and his Lieuwe Oceana, created for extreme performance.

Now.. 1 year later, we are in the finals of the Red Bull Illume. Which means that this jury thinks that we are in the top 5 of 42.000 subscriptions. Something that has never been my goal, but is a highly welcome appreciation for such a respected competition. 


A word from the LIEUWE team

At Lieuwe we're immensely proud on Roderick and Rein for pushing the limits to always create new, never-seen-before stories that raise awareness for climate issues. They are the embodiment of what we stand for, to make new memories and live for these pure experiences that become stories to be told. We congratulate them with their place in the finale of the Red Bull Illume competition, going from 43.000 entries to the top 5 is an incredible achievement. Can't wait for their next adventure. In the meantime, why not check the full documentary if you haven't seen it already!


Rodericks weapon of choice:

The Lieuwe Custom Oceana reinforced with Teijin carbon fibers. It's our competition performance big-air board and comes with an auto-pilot for smooth landings. It is designed for extreme performance with perfect control in the most extreme conditions.


Reinforced Oceana - Teijin




Lieuwe Teamrider: Roderick Pijls
Photographer: Rein Rijke - Zout Photography
Drone shots: Kiwi Aerial Shots

More info:
Project: The Last Line
Competition: Red Bull Illume

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