Kiteboard Size - Choosing length and width for the ultimate fit

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is ‘what size kiteboard do I need?’

The dimensions of a kiteboard, like length and width, greatly influence the behavior of the board while riding. In general, the length influences the manoeuvrability: longer boards provide a stable and more forgiving ride yet the radius of the turns also is longer so it requires more effort to make short, snappy turns. If you ride a shorter kiteboard, turning is easier but you’ll have to tame the board more during full speed laps.

The width of a kiteboard has the most impact on the total surface area and thus the volume of the board. The wider a kiteboard is the more volume it has which results in faster planing and more stability in light wind conditions. When riding in stronger winds or even overpowered conditions this larger width becomes a disadvantage.

The width and length of a kiteboard add up to make the total volume of a kiteboard. Rider weight and preferred type of conditions and discipline are the most important criteria for choosing the length / width ratio of your kiteboard. 

What size kiteboard should I get?

Here are some of our recommendations for riders with default* expectations of the board's performance.