Kiteboard categories explained

Which style do you like the most? 

Your board should be the right one for you. This is why we offer a variety of board styles that help you progress at any level. Because each of our boards excels under different circumstances. Let’s start with explaining the different categories- or disciplines. Think of a freeride kiteboardbig air kiteboardfreestyle kiteboard or wakestyle kiteboard


The traditional way of kitesurfing. Cruising along, riding upwind, searching for speed and making a nice jump along the way. The name says a lot, feeling free during the ride. When you start your first kiteboard lessons, you’ll learn the basics of freeriding.

Our freeride kiteboards like the high-performance SHOTGUN or the beginner-friendly AWESOME and JUNIOR are designed for stable and comfortable upwind performance in all types of conditions.


For those who always aim higher. It’s all about the highest (over)powered airs possible.

Big air is not for beginners, so we stacked our big air boards SHOTGUN CARBONARA and OCEANA full of performance and stiffness to go big and fast in perfect control in the most extreme conditions. 


All about the tricks. Kite loops, jumps, grabbing the board, making air.  

Freestyle twintip kiteboards like the OCEANA and the SHOTGUN / SHOTGUN CARBONARA are dynamic with plenty of pop and a rockered outline for smooth landings. 


Just like wakeboarding yet you ditch the boat and use your kite for some natural power. Mostly unhooked, powered tricks that do not require a lot of height. Handlepasses and raileys get you going.

We shaped the SAY NO MORE to be the ultimate wakestyle monster. Great upwind performance and smooth forgiving rocker help you land even the toughest tricks.