How to set up your Lieuwe Pro kiteboard bindings.

Have you just ordered your super comfy, yet high performing fit for your feet? Then it's time to mount them to your board asap!

With the help of this video, you will be able to mount your pads and straps, so you can start enjoying your next session. 



The positioning of your bindings:

In general, taller people have a wider stance and smaller people have a narrow stance. But always try to feel what feels to wide or to narrow for you. A wider stance can give more grip and stability when landing, and allows you to hold more powerfull winds. A narrow stance has less grip, but allows you to rotate faster when doing tricks like a backroll.

When considering the positioning over the width, a centred pad gives more stability at landings and riding because it centres your feet. When positioning them more to your heelside, you’ll loose the stability but you will be able to increase your edge for riding upwind and jumps. You’ll only lose some edge on your toeside as well.

Lastly, there are 2 ways to mount your foot angle. There is a wide angle, which is better for your carving ability from heel to toeside. And there is a parallel angle you’ll have more stability in landings and you can rotate faster.

To find your ideal stance width; jump forwards and land in a comfortable squat position. It is easiest to do this at the beach where your footprints may act as a guide.