High Performance Freestyle


Aggressive and powerful style, we made sure that this rocker gets enough speed into your jumps. Yes it’s fast!
The bottom shape is a great combination of channels and a concave to have grip at the right places.
Our newly designed channels and concave on the bottom surface of the Oceana, alongside the thickness of the wood, contribute to a high stiffness of the board whilst keeping it light and super strong.
Ruben Len10 always preferred wide tips and A-symmetrical fins for great powerful takeoffs and controlled landings

The best things about this project is that we partnered up with Sustainable Surf whom helped us create the world’s first gold level ECOBOARD.
By choosing wood from a sustainable source, using greener resin and really reduce, reuse and recycle our production waste.

Sizes: 137*40 | 141*41 

  • All Round High Performance Freestyle
  • Sustainable 3D Wood Core
  • Lightweight and Strong
  • Advanced Bottom Shape
  • Hyper-Flex rRail
  • Protective grind base
  • Customisable to your wishes!
  • Including Lieuwe handle
  • Including 30mm or 45mm A-symmetrical fins

Excl. Lieuwe Pads, Straps

For the customisation possibilities have a look at our Artwork Page or contact us directly!