Our legendary Shotgun

10 years ago LIEUWE crafted his own kiteboard because he couldn’t find the right one for him. Today we cheers on you guys. Without your support we would never have become the most respected custom kiteboard brand in the world. To return the love, we’re super proud to present our custom Shotgun - Limited Edition designs. So match your performance and style with our free customisation options (worth € 400,-) and send it your way.

Pick your Limited Edition design

Countless riders trust our Shotgun to take them to new heights and better rides. No wonder this legendary Big Air and Freeride machine was our first love and still is our best selling board worldwide. Just 100 Shotgun’s will be crafted with one of these 10 Limited Edition print designs and even can be further customised. So get your hands on one of these beauties and ride your LIEUWE this summer!
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Customise your Limited Edition

Make your Limited Edition even more special! Choose your rail color, add your name and/or phone number and/or a nice quote. You know, just in case you lost your precious, or yourself after your sesh at the bar. Ehm the quote... just don't dare to pick a cheesy one, no way we will let you ruin this limited piece of art :)

Our Legendary Shotgun

Choosing the right kiteboard can become a mindfuck of epic proportions. Good thing to know is that our Shotgun model hasn’t changed for YEARS. Why? Because the market asked us not to. Why change something that is already perfect? Well, okay. With the Limited Edition designs, perfect just got a little better.
shotgun board all sides
The Shotgun is designed to ride fast, cruise comfortably and get you to huge new heights. Its 3D shape and deeper channels provide for a grippy but playful board. Our (test) riders have been able to back up their claims of pumping huge jumps with their WOO, leaving us speechless and proud.
130 X 39
133 X 40
136 X 40,5
138 X 41
141 X 42

Want more? Say no more!

With LIEUWE there’s always more. We like more. This is why we have the widest range of board shapes in the market, to perfectly match the performance and style of each rider. So if you are a more extreme rider, just choose the Say no more, or the Oceana. For just € 50,- you can choose your board shape, add a Limited Edition design, choose your rail color and/or add a custom text of choice! Want to go even more custom? The floor is yours! Check our custom design page for even more options, we'll be sure to help you select the best options for your epic full custom LIEUWE (full customisation options are not included in this promotion).

10 years of handcrafted custom boards, the LIEUWE WAY

10 years ago, LIEUWE crafted his own kiteboard because he couldn’t find the right one for him. Today we look back on 10 years doing things the LIEUWE way. Ours usually isn’t the easiest, or the fastest. But we think the LIEUWE way is the right way. And your support from all over the world only fuels our determination to keep pushing. To develop the best board for everyone, without compromises. To raise the bar and never give up. To explore new heights and to say no to cutting corners. Especially when everyone else goes around them. At LIEUWE, we do everything to create that epic board that fits your unique performance and style.